AppStore/PlayStore helps bridge the gap to using credit card transactions online

My RM10 latte @ Artisan Roast. I can safely say that it's great coffee. Place a little too hip for meDoes your mother have an iPad? Know people in their 40’s playing games on their smartphones or tablets?

I’m starting to see iPad’s transcend ages. People are using their tablets from the time they are a year old to the time they are in their 70’s (yes, personally seen these age ranges).

The touch interface is amazing. A handheld computer without a keyboard – who’d have thought this would work?

Buying an application from the App Store convinces you that its a good idea to use your credit card over the Internet.

When I read A Generation Gap? Not on This Website I was quite convinced that there’s more to Halsbrook than meets the eye.

E-commerce in Malaysia is growing. People are getting used to buying things online. A lot still happens via bank transfers (which suck for e-commerce unless you use a capable payment gateway). Getting convinced that its a good idea to use your credit card online is an important first step. The App Stores (or google Play Store) bridges this gap.