non-intimidating guides

Chocolate brownieGoal: Non-intimidating guides for readers new to various topics. There are quite the few:

  1. For Dummies series… “A Reference for the rest of us” – wiki, site
  2. Teach Yourself series… – wiki – guides in a week have arrived – site
  3. Complete Idiot’s Guide series… – wiki, site

O’Reilly has the Annoyances, Hacks, Head First, and Missing Manual (wiki).

What are other guides that are non-intimidating, distilling topics for people to grok? 

Apress calls their guides “for professionals by professionals” (technically oriented). Packt has a huge amount of books on a variety of topics.

Travel is a whole other ballgame. I visited Kinokuniya recently and saw shelves of travel guides. I’m not sure if people buy these anymore considering the vast amount of information on the Internet that exists.