MHA & MariaDB Cassandra Interoperability talks

Together with Sergei Petrunia, we talked about MariaDB Cassandra Interoperability. Sergei has done wonderful work here and I plan to showcase more Cassandra integration going forward. It’s worth noting that Elena came up with the benchmarks for this talk as well.

Later, I gave a talk on MHA. Competing in a timeslot with Team Facebook‘s Q&A, I was surprised that we had a relatively good turnout in the talk. There were some interesting questions. I found many people still using MMM in production.


  • Baron Schwartz

    The storage engine is a plugin. Is it possible to use it with other variants of MySQL also, or is it specific to MariaDB?

    • colincharles

      Hi Baron – only with MariaDB as it makes use of dynamic columns, a feature we only have in MariaDB ( It shouldn’t be hard to port to MySQL, and at that point I expect the CassandraSE can work too