MariaDB replaces MySQL in RHEL7

mariadb: made by geeks used by professionalsSubject says its all, this is of course, very good news coming out of the Red Hat Summit. Looking forward to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. And of course, CentOS 7 and the other builds that follow. Thank you Red Hat!


  1. Lenz says:

    FWIW, Major later stated: “I may have misspoken. MySQL will be there but it won’t be the default (speaker clarified).”


  2. colincharles says: is worth a watch. 27:15 if you’re interested in finding out that MongoDB is coming along. 27:30 if you want to know how MariaDB is being focused on.

    As always, more articles have been written on this:



  3. gavin says:

    Now watch Oracle buy 10gen/MongoDB…