FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom – signup for dinner

Snowing in Brussels. First snow of the year people sayFOSDEM happens this year, February 1&2 2014. This year is a special year as it is the 10th anniversary: great content in the schedule, you must pre-register for dinner (lot’s of wonderful Belgian food & drink), and we have a shared booth in the expo hall.

Read more about the event with a wonderful post by Kenny. Again, much thanks to Liz, dim0, Kenny, Frederic for organising the venue, and the sponsors Oracle/SkySQL/Percona.

SkySQL is well represented: 

  1. 13:35-14:05 – MariaDB CONNECT Storage engine – Serge Frezefond
  2. 15:35-16:05 – SPIDER Storage Engine – Colin Charles, Stephane Varoqui
  3. 18:05-18:35 – OSM data in MySQL – Hartmut Holzgraefe
  4. 18:35-19:05 – MaxScale, the Pluggable Router – Massimiliano Pinto, Vilho Raatikka

See you all at the Friday beer event on 31.01.2013!


  1. tomdiederich says:

    Have fun, Colin, and please post photos of the community dinner. See in you April at Percona Live!