3 Big Announcements from MariaDB (my take for Oct 2015)

Today I received about five emails with the subject: 3 Big Announcements from MariaDB. Maybe you did as well (else, read it online). October has brought on some very interest announcements, and I think my priority for the big announcements vary a little:

  1. MariaDB Server is now available on Amazon RDS – you wouldn’t believe how many people ask for this, as many now deploy using Amazon Web Services (AWS), so now that it is available, I consider this to be extremely amazing. You get 10.0.17 today, and within 3-5 months of a GA, you get the next release (the docs are a work of art – read them!).
  2. MariaDB Server 10.1 is now a stable GA – this is a milestone. Our last stable GA came out in March 2014. There are plenty of new features and we had a developer meeting to plan what comes in 10.2 as well. Remember to read: What is MariaDB 10.1?
  3. New XAMPP with MariaDB – The new XAMPP does not ship with MySQL any longer but MariaDB Server 10.0.17. This is going to help distribution tremendously as many people use XAMPP as a development environment (it is after all the most popular PHP development environment out there). Remember to get your downloads for Windows/Linux/OSX. 

I think the above are my highlights of 3 big announcements from the MariaDB world. What are you waiting for, download it now! And remember to report bugs/feature requests to our Jira instance.


  1. Jan Steinman says:

    Anyone know the status of OQGraph?

    The source is included with MariaDB 10.1.8, but I can’t get it to build yet.

    Anyone successfully using it in 10.1.8? In any version?

    • colincharles says:

      Hi Jan Steinman — we do include ha_oqgraph.so in the main package. You just need to execute INSTALL SONAME ‘ha_oqgraph’;

      Of course, you also need to have libJudy available — see https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-5664

      I believe OQGraph is being developed by Open Query and there is active development of it. We ship v.3.

      I know of at least one user who was using it since MariaDB Server 5.3. Maybe someone like Arjen Lentz from OpenQuery can answer the usage question better.

      If you’re having build issues, please don’t hesitate to file a Jira — https://mariadb.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa

      • Jan Steinman says:

        I’m building from source for MacOS, having created an updated Homebrew formula for 10.1.8.

        But it doesn’t build ha_oqgraph.so, and moving to the source directory and following the instructions doesn’t do anything – cmake returns zero exit status quickly.

        Guess I’ve got to dig through things in more detail…

        • colincharles says:

          ah, OSX… I think there are some clang build failures. I presumed you were on Linux. You could also file a jira (though check for oqgraph + clang). Cheers and good luck!