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Skype’s roaming WiFi, and the Singapore Airport

I was in in the Singapore Changi Airport yesterday, and thought I should pull some mail while in the terminal, so as to be more productive on the plane ride home. Opening my laptop, I saw the following:

Skype Access - Wireless@SG

Pretty nifty right? This is what you get with the new Skype beta for Mac OS X 2.8 – access to roam on many wireless networks, via Boingo, in a new service called Skype Access. It comes out of your Skype credit, so you don’t need no stinkin’ credit card.

Over on Flickr I was asked if the €0.14 made sense per minute. I’m here to give you a resounding no.

Wireless@SG is free to access. Just roam with Singtel, and dial *186. I wrote about this previously. Access until midnight, and when you need it again, don’t hesitate to ask.