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SAP customers would rather do business elsewhere?

I just read, Buy SAP again? 60% of customers say no, says Nucleus Research. SAP isn’t pleased but made clear that they don’t participate in this particular report (presumably they do for Gartner/Forrester/IDC).

Besides the opportunity for others playing in the space SAP plays in, I am reminded by how a humble research firm (Iceberg Research) brought Noble Group down – Singapore Noble Group Rejects Iceberg Research’s Claims, Nobbled, How Richard Elman’s Noble Empire Crumbled (when this was written, its share price dropped 75% since the research report). This wasn’t the case for SAP (Noble lost 9.5% the day the report came out), and may not be (who knows).

As an aside, it regularly shocks me that people don’t realise that when it comes to analyst firms, the whole game is “pay to play”. You pay a sum of money, you get to speak to their analysts, the analysts get to query your customers, and boom, a report is produced. Firms tend to be clients of analyst companies.

Disrupting the industry of analysts

Rock houses of MardinI love analysts. The buzz a report can create can drive amazing amounts of traffic to your product and give it a lot of street credibility. My only beef with the whole industry is that the reports cost an arm and a leg.

There are however “open analysts” – the folk at RedMonk, a bit of the 451 CAOS Theory (of the 451Group).

What interests me most is how analyst services are getting cheaper, coming from the media outlets themselves. Look at GigaOM Pro ($299) and BI Intelligence (normally $499, now $299 for an introductory offer).

Those are prices one can muster. $299 for a year. They also get/repackage the news. I’m big on the above services and I think more of this will arrive.