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Inagural BarCamp Malaysia

I threw the idea of a BarCamp Malaysia a few years back, and it was mostly shot down amongst the free and open source community members. The reasoning behind it, largely was because it was assumed that we could have the same amount of discussion at a bar (over beer), and there would be a lack of participation from the attendees.

The “Web 2.0 types” though seem to be getting their act together, at organising a BarCamp Malaysia. Kudos to them, I hope it’s a success (and there will be many, many more to come). I’d attend, but its the weekend right after OSCON, which I mentioned on the Facebook wall of one of the early event planning meetings. Apparently, nobody listened.

I’ll try and be at the next event planning meeting, to see what morsels I can pick up, and keep everyone updated. Maybe more hacking sessions up in the highlands, like how Aizat and Ditesh went to last weekend, would rock (I’d have gone, except I was in Melbourne).