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Reflections on getting older

I just got a homemade bacon pizza - yummy. All from scratchI turned 29 on Sunday. Coincidentally it was Mother’s Day this year. I made sure I was home for the celebrations, having arrived back from Seoul on Saturday. 

I feel incredibly lucky to be back to celebrate with my loved ones. It started with homemade kaya in the morning, a wonderful lunch at The Lobsterman (coincidentally the bill had 512 in it!), and a dinner that consisted of a couple of homemade pizzas. Sara is becoming a great chef.

It didn’t quite hit me that this is my last of the twenties. This time next year I would have embarked on my thirties. I’ll think about that next year, but in the meantime, there are 365 days to be wonderful and amazing, right?

Yesterday, Monday, I took some time to myself. I spent a significant amount of time in the gym. Followed by a great long swim to clear my mind. And a trip to the sauna. All in, using the facilities at the club to the fullest. It was invigorating to be able to do all that.

Today I awoke at about 5.15am almost naturally. That says a lot. I might continue with a vigorous exercise regiment, without the need for excuses like “I have no time”. I might not. Who knows. All in, I’m reminded by the bit of propaganda: pain is weakness leaving the body.

But the remaining days till my thirtieth, I expect to be achieving the goals I set out for myself. They are tall orders some of them, but I think I’ve made relatively good progress in my twenties to achieve them. As humans we always set milestones, and like a politician, I’ve generally set 5-year marathons.

Here’s to a great year ahead!

Happy 25th GNU

I first heard of Stephen Fry when he narrated The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Then, I saw him in V for Vendetta. Today, I can only highly recommend you look at Freedom Fry – Happy Birthday to GNU.

GNU is 25 years old. Wow, it has come a long way. The Hurd is nowhere to be reckoned with, but Stephen does talk about Linux being a pillar. I have no idea why he seems to mention gNewSense, as I’m sure the non-free binary blobs usually entails something like working wireless, or working video, etc. Ubuntu with is non-free blobs, IMHO, is the best choice for new users…

Its interesting to see the MacBook Air perched on his coffee table (try running gNewSense on that baby). Its also useful to note that the video is played using the Fluendo Cortado Java app.

Must watch video. And Happy Birthday GNU… you definitely shaped my professional life for the better