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MySQL 5.1.26-rc released, and developer resources thoughts

Good news, MySQL 5.1.26-rc has been released. From the release notes: “MySQL 5.1.26-rc is slated to be the last release candidate before we declare MySQL 5.1 as “production ready” (GA).”

If I were you, I’d start testing it out in environments that you’re planning to run MySQL in, or upgrade to 5.1 in. Feedback and testing to iron out issues, is important, so if you find a bug that affects you, report it!

In other news, on the Sun Developer Network (SDN) site, there’s a couple of resources such as the Python Developer Center and the Ruby Developer Center. At MySQL, we’ve got the DevZone, focusing on languages such as Ruby and Python, with MySQL use. However, the resources can definitely be improved upon, and maybe there should be more synergy with SDN, if its getting more eyeballs than the DevZone. Thoughts on how to improve resources for developers? Please leave a comment

If you’ve not read Beyond LAMP, don’t hesitate to take a look-see. I learnt that there are a whole bucket-load of Web/App Servers out there.