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Food in Dublin, Ireland

Creamier, tastier but considerably quite pricey - a pint sets you back 4.50-5.20 euros. Sin tax must be high, like in malaysiaSteak and Guinness pie, mash and a pint - supposedly very traditionally IrishIt is not hard to find a pub in Dublin, so go to any and they would probably serve you an excellent pint of Guinness. It may not be the cheapest though — 4.50-5.20 Euros per pint. Sin tax must be high.

I had Hanley’s Cornish Pasties. Its like a stew, put into pastry ;) A must try. Many pubs also serve a steak & Guinness pieā€¦ Well worth eating a traditional cuisine.

We did end up eating some very nice sushi as well as Lebanese food. All around the Grafton St area and Dublin 2/Dublin 4.