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New iPod Touch firmware allows over-the-air podcast downloads, but…

The new firmware (ok, its been out a few weeks) for the iPod Touch (and I presume the iPhone), allows one to download podcasts over the air – i.e. no need to sync with iTunes any longer, you can do it over the 3G network (on an iPhone) or the WiFi network (on an iPod Touch). Preetam was right when he said podcasts are really going to rule now.

I got the update, it took hours (some 200+MB took hours on a DSL connection), and was all excited, till I saw the following:

iTunes not available in your country

The iTunes Store is not supported in this country. What an amusing message. The AppStore definitely is. And podcasts are free – are there paid podcasts that I don’t know about?

I filed rdar://6443514, in disgust.