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Optimising SQL applications by using client side tools by Mark Riddoch

Mark Riddoch of SkySQL.

This was a talk about the future in general. What people would like. Etc. Not about something that exists yet, hence the sparse notes.

Trace statements are good for the “why”. You move on to the debugger, but what is a useful SQL debugger? Profilers addresses the “when”.

SQL developer tools: manually run queries (traditional route for development, effective way to test SQL statements, some indication of performance), server logs (alerts developers of serious issues like the slow query log – identify poorly written queries, requires server access, not effective in a cloud environment (?)), external monitoring (network sniffing of connection packets, Ethereal dissectors – allow individual connections to be traced, no server access, privileged network access, complex to interpret, possibility of packet loss), intrusive tools (insert “proxy” between client & server to intercept all traffic, imposes delay & requires setup modification).

Client-side tools – client modification or hook via connectors (query logging, profiling). The Java connector has profiling. Should there be a connector slow query log? So there’s no requirement for server access and its per client rather than per server.

Plans: roll out connector query logs for Java, C, and scripting languages built on Connector/C. SQL Parser for report generation/fuzzy matching. Create post-processing tools. Query log comparisons – detect fluctuation in execution time, plan flip alerting, replay log.