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MySQL CfP officially ends October 22

I think Giuseppe (the man with too many blogs!) was a little too optimistic in his last post… the MySQL Conference Call for Participation has received an amazing amount of proposals, but not enough by our standards.

I personally believe there should be a 1:3 accepted-rejected ratio. Currently, its not there yet. Why do I like such high ratios? It means that there are actually so many good talks, and we (the voting committee) pick the best of the best, to give attendees the most mileage for their time and money. Or am I too harsh?

Anyway, the word on the street is that we will extend the Call for Participation, mostly because it is the right thing to do, and lots of people expect it. Expect an official announcement to go out soon about this. But remember, you’d be loved more if you submitted before midnight (PDT) on October 22.

Horizontal Scaling with HiveDB

At the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008, Britt Crawford and Justin McCarthy, both from, gave us a very interesting talk on scaling with HiveDB. I took a few notes (pasted below), their slides are online (warning: 6.1MB PDF), and if you’re after their abstract its available as well.

I also took a video of them (refer to Slide 12, for the IRC conversation):

The quick notes:

  • OLTP optimised (as it serves
  • Cannot lock tables, or take it offline
  • Constant response time is more important than low latency (little slower query is ok, just not exponentially slower)
  • Queries run might return wildly sized result sets.
  • There can be growth and usage hotspots. You cannot predict this at all.
  • Partition by key (the set of all partition keys is the partition dimension)
  • Partitioned Hibernate from Google (Hibernate Shards). HiveDB is now married up with shards.
  • Thought about MySQL Proxy to support high availability components, but it was dismissed