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Percona Live Santa Clara 2013 tutorial schedule out

I didn’t participate in 2012, but in 2013, I’m back on the conference committee for Percona Live Santa Clara. We have an awesome Program Chair in Shlomi Noach, and after much deliberation & commentary, we have a tutorials schedule out now. Expect that the rest of the conference content to be awesome too. Remember, April 22-25 2013 are the magical dates, so register now!

MariaDB at Percona Live Santa Clara

I for one can say that I’m truly excited that MariaDB will be part of Percona Live Santa Clara. The MariaDB session list includes:

  • A tutorial: Improving MySQL/MariaDB query performance through optimizer tuning by¬†Timour Katchaounov and¬†Sergey Petrunia. You can benefit from this even as a stock MySQL user naturally.
  • MySQL Plugins – why should I bother? by Sergei Golubchik is again something that isn’t only MariaDB specific since MySQL also has a plugin architecture. I don’t know if Sergei will talk about authentication plugins as well, but I can imagine this is on the mind of many people.
  • MariaDB: The 2012 edition by Colin Charles – well, this is me. You might wonder what we’ve been doing since mid-2009 having only made our first release in early-2010. We’ve achieved quite a lot in the project, so come find out why you might consider MariaDB to your alternative to MySQL. We may even have a surprise in the way of some new announcements here.
  • MySQL Optimizer Standoff MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 5.3 by Peter Zaitsev is focused on the optimizer features between MySQL and MariaDB. MariaDB 5.3 as you might know features a lot of optimizer improvements.

The BoFs schedule has just been released, and on Wednesday evening from 9pm onwards, you can come visit Ballroom A to discuss MariaDB, help with the future roadmap as well as be filled with lots of salmiakkikossu.

We have already confirmed our acceptance of having a DotOrg booth and can’t wait till that information makes it up on the Internet.

All in all, I’m happy to be attending and speaking in Santa Clara yet again in the April timeframe. This has become somewhat of a yearly ritual. Make sure you register, and don’t forget to do a little searching to find some promo codes!