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StarOffice no longer on the SIA’s Airbus A380?

Going to and from London, I flew on Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 and loved every bit of it. The last time I got on one of these planes was when I flew to Sydney.

It used to be that the in-flight entertainment allowed for you to play with StarOffice 8, opening and saving documents via the (powered) USB port. That generally gives me a kick, since its nice to see your name 38,000ft in the air.

According to this, it’s also available on the Boeing 777-300ER. However, I noticed that you don’t have this option any longer – it has since been removed.

There’d a PDF viewer, a media player (connect your iPod, be impressed), but no StarOffice in sight. I wonder if a licensing deal with Sun Microsystems had something to do with it? After all, no need to license StarOffice, just go forth and use!

Yes, it took some 30 seconds to start up StarOffice the last time I played with it. Could it be due to that, customer complaints got rid of it? I sincerely hope not. Suddenly, the QWERTY keyboard on the gamepad seems a lot less useful…