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VirtualBox images for MariaDB

Coming from a great MariaDB contributor, Mark, is:

  1. MariaDB 5.1.44 / 5.2.0 Beta Binaries for Solaris 10 SPARC, and Debian GNU/Linux SPARC. Mark does a fabulous job of building these binaries, and he does them really quickly. If you’re on the SPARC platform, give it a go. Send some feedback, also.
  2. Mark has also spent some time developing virtual machines. All you need to get started is download VirtualBox. Mark provides an OpenSolaris 0906 + MariaDB 5.1.44 VM as well as an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS + MariaDB 5.1.42 VM.
  3. It is expected by the end of this week, when Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is released, Mark will upgrade the image to include MariaDB 5.1.44.

Thanks Mark! This is some fabulous work. Go give his VM’s a try and send feedback. Would you like to see any other VM’s? Any other distributions?

MariaDB in Gentoo; updates for Solaris/Debian SPARC

It started with Brian Evans’ github repository, some good instructions on the mailing list for Building MariaDB on Gentoo, to a request for packaging, and guess what? Its now officially in Gentoo! Thanks Brian, and Robin Johnson!

SPARC builds – Debian, Solaris
Mark has now got a MariaDB category on his blog and the interesting things for you to grab are: 5.1.42 binaries for Debian Linux/SPARC and 5.1.42 binaries for Solaris 10/SPARC. Soon, you will see 5.1.44 binaries. Thanks a lot Mark!