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HOWTO: Make your videos 10 minutes in length for YouTUBE

I recently made quite a number of videos, that span about 0.5hr or 1-hour in length. YouTube accepts videos that are 10-minutes long and up to 2GB in size. allows FTP uploads, but your filesize cannot exceed 1GB per video. An hour long video from the camera is about 2GB in size. This is quick guide as to how I split videos.

QTCoffee exists to solve this problem. Quick, simple install on Mac OS X, and I was on my way to creating split videos. The command I used:

splitmovie -o -self-contained -no-fast-start -duration 10:00 sourcefile.avi

Now, in that directory, I get,, and so on. Easy as pie. Its donation-ware, but a commercial license will set you back USD$10. It occasionally reminds you to donate by popping up nagware in your web browser at random once every 10 times its used (I’ve not used shareware since Windows 3.1, and nag screens were a lot different back then). You can easily remove it (it tells you how, even!), by executing: defaults write com.pair.3am.QTCoffee BugMe NO .

Now YouTube is happy, and you can concatenate the files together as a playlist.

QTCoffee is ideal for me, because its scriptable, and can work on a large directory of videos. I wonder what the Linux variant for this is?

The Star Online does TV!

I hardly visit websites anymore, preferring instead to muck with feeds, in my current feed reader of choice (Google Reader, on this very fine day, kept in a site-specific browser). But I did visit The Star Online recently, and was shocked to find that they had a multimedia section, that also had video clips! Its called

The Star Online - newspaper also hosting video

A newspaper, traditional media that is print, embracing video? I wonder if reporters are carrying around little FlipMino’s :)

Seems somewhat popular even. On Thursday Malacca divorcing George Town had a paltry 163 views. Today, its Sunday, and its up to 1,089 views. Most viewed video is at 9,752 views, in where Thaksin goes shopping in Dubai.

Its interesting to see that they’re hosting the videos on YouTube and embedding them. They have 740 subscribers to their YouTube feed (soon to be 741 as I subscribe to them :P)… They’ve been around for over a year, and have had under 35,000 views in their channel – nothing exactly fancy, but a good start. Its also good to note that they’re not updating it like once every day – it gets updated several times a day.

Kudos to this old media company, exploring new media… As more people think about IPTV, as more mobile phones support fast data access, as more people stop reading dead tree newspapers, this kind of experimentation is going to pay off for them.

YouTube, an MTV replacement

I think YouTube has arrived. MTV, Channel V, and the rest should start worrying. Why?

I have Channel V and MTV on cable TV. I mostly use cable for the news channels, and music, but lately, these music channels are showing more and more “reality TV” shows, news features and other garbage. Yes, Punkd/Jackass is funny (as is the one where a bunch of guys go on dates, do stupid things for cash), but the whole purpose of a music channel is to show me music videos…

I notice that in the States, there’s VH1, which seems to be mostly music centric. VH1 is interesting as a channel… every music video they have, tacks on a little advert for Rhapsody. I’ve never had the privilege of trying Rhapsody, because they’re US only, but its a smart move.

Now why has YouTube arrived for me? Shitty consumer DSL link (1mbps/512kbps) is allowing me to stream music videos in realtime. If I tether a PC to the TV (MythTV maybe? Apple TV?) I’ve got an MTV replacement right there.

Playlist creation is something I think can be improved with YouTube. Maybe a mechanism to cache FLV files locally afterward (does Squid do this?), so that eventually I build up a music video library all thanks to YouTube.

All in all, ways to make cable TV more and more irrelevant (for example, I haven’t bothered with HBO after Sex & The City ended).

Can’t Smile Without You, go Barry Manilow (Live)

Look What You’ve Done – Jet

Good times ahead. Maybe I should just build that Myth box… Wonder how current Mikal+Stewart’s MythTV book still is… (and if there’s coverage on building your MTV killer).