Open source policy

Time and again, the question of a general HOWTO, a proper roadmap, and so on, with regards to how open source policy should take off. Be it in corporates, the governments of the world want it too. How would you migrate? How would you start from scratch? We need this kind of information if we’re going to sell FLOSS to regular human beings.

Some sources of information I was pointed to: Bellanet, Sun’s Desktop Architecture Selection Guide, the European IDA, A Legacy Windows wrap-up (at least on how to move to another version of that OS, but applicable information). With government funds, Imran’s policy archive is rather handy, albeit could use a few updates.


  1. Ruben says:

    Some thought-provoking stuff on piracy.

  2. Ruben says:

    Found some interesting info on the commercialisation of Linux.
    got the link from

  3. byte says:

    Thanks to the one on why Linux isn’t commercially viable. It’s generally FUD (fear, uncertainty and disinformation). It is commercially viable. Just ask Red Hat, whom rocked up USD$600 million last year. Or Sun. IBM and HP even. Linus is the man behind the kernel, but he’s got heaps of “lieutenants” – alan cox, marcelo, and now andrew morton.

    So really, its not a one man show. And it’s commercially viable.