The OSS Solution the right one?

Spent a good portion of the morning at VI, our little “adopted” school. Watched some of the teaching being done, I’m proud one of my “students” is now teaching school children; but I’ve found errors in the way teaching is performed. This being the first time I’ve sat in a class in a public school, I was a little shocked at the redundancy and time wastage – I’m sure we’ll overcome this soon.

Reading on why the Internode Mirror switched from FreeBSD to Linux are are just marginally happy, makes me think (in fact, it should make all you OSS proponents think hard). These people even have Greg Lehey to help (when they were FreeBSD’ing). How do we address what the commercial market needs? How are we convincing hardware manufacturers that stuff needs to be supported? Can you run a business on open source software?

Russell Jones cruft on Open Source being Fertile Ground for Foul Play is complete FUD. Surely some nasty bastard will insert code for that open source taxation software and not share it.

On other notes, XP-Lite is Redmond’s new offering to compete in Asia. If Thailand told them to go away, I hope the rest of Asia’s just as clueful. Munich’s migration not going as planned? I’m sure the bugs will get ironed out, as it serves as a great test case for other governments; like the French government with Project ADELE.

From an solution standpoint, why is IBM eyeing Office for Linux? Nasty digs at Sun with being “too small”, and Lotus Notes making an apperance on the Linux desktop. With the Mac OS X port still being finalised, Evermore Integrated Office seems to have sprung up, at a cost, from a Chinese company. They think the Mac OS market will look towards them; they’re right, we really need to make a release soon. But their idea of an integrated “word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software” all in one package screams to me!

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  1. Ruben says:

    More on the leaked windows code at
    This is funny. On the earlier post they said that the leaked code is not a weakness. Then on the latest post
    they said someone has found a way to screw up your processing using IE5.