MySQL-related resources that you will enjoy reading

The great Internet is littered with some really useful MySQL-related articles, that I think you’ll enjoy reading just as much as I did.

  • I’ve not given Google Gears too much of a look yet, but its definitely interesting and the tutorials at O’Reilly’s ONLamp site help one play with it: The Power of Google Gears (Part 1) and The Power of Google Gears (Part 2). Looks like the series is complete, and Part 2 concentrates on using Gears for offline data entry, then syncing it with a MySQL server once the application is online. Looks like the future of desktop software might end up being like this…
  • While browsing a magazine store, I picked up the SysAdmin magazine that was months old, but contained an interesting article on MySQL 5 Cluster with Solaris 10 Zones/ZFS/Resource Control. Its a very much step-by-step kind of article, and I’m excited to learn more about Zones and ZFS.
  • If you’re after a basic introduction to MySQL Cluster, go no further than reading MySQL 5.0 Cluster: Architecture, Implementation and Management. Couldn’t resist browsing the rest of the website, and I’d encourage you to do the same if time permits – they’ve got quite a number of useful articles there. Incidentally, the article is a bit old (linked to MySQL 5.0.16 – cluster has had marked changes in the current 5.0.45).
  • From Derek Crudgington (who wrote about Cluster and Zones), is a blog posting about the SAMP stack – A Guide to SAMP (Solaris Apache MySQL PHP). Of course for those lazy, just get the CoolStack from Sun, which allows the simple use of pkgadd.

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