Contributing to the MySQL User Guide

The MySQL User Guide is worth looking at. Its not the reference manual (which is excellent – kudos to our Documentation Team). Its target audience are users that are new to databases or users that are new to MySQL in general.

What’s really interesting about the MySQL User Guide is that you can help shape it. You, the community, can participate in writing it!

I for one, know that this is the easiest way you can start contributing to any open source project. Documenting it. Soon, you will realise that you’ve become an expert (writing documentation, or giving training, will always keep you sharp). Some move on to then delving in coding, some go on being consultants, and some end up being hired by the company that sponsors the project ;)

The URL again:

Happy writing!

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  • Frank Mashraqi

    This is a great initiative. And timing couldn’t be better as I am about to train an Oracle expert so he can migrate his career to MySQL :) Congrats!

  • aubrey

    Thanks for the update. I will definitely be looking at offering the precious little time i have, to the documentation side of things to get my feet wet.. :P

  • byte

    Hi Frank and Aubrey

    Good to note that you’ll find all these resources useful :)

    Happy contributing!

  • byte

    Hi Frank and Aubrey

    Good to note that you'll find all these resources useful :)

    Happy contributing!