and ODF adoption in Malaysia – thumbs up!

In an interesting twist (interesting for Microsoft and their OOXML apologists), about a month ago, MAMPU, the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit, decided that they were going to go and go ODF, and dump Microsoft Office by year-end 2008. This made its round around news sites, and everyone was naturally talking about it.

Now, you can hold them to their word, as they update a Wiki page, informing you about how many agencies are moving to Big wins, once all of the Malaysian government related agencies are on (open source software in general). Again, read and ODF Adoption!

As a current Malaysian tax payer, I wouldn’t want the government misappropriating money, on proprietary software.

One interesting bit from that? being taught in matriculation colleges (11 currently), as lecturers are trained to deliver it to their students. It all starts in schools, though, but this is much better than what was previously around.

Go! Go ODF!

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  1. Chris Samuel says:

    That’s excellent news Colin! :-)

  2. After what Microsoft did to Malaysia (bullying and cheating) this is great news.

  3. […] Thanks to exceptional transparency of blogs, the story of Malaysia was told and echoed quite widely ever since the country endorsed ODF. Further progress is being made and validation of the facts arrives according to this little new scoop. […]

  4. […] Colin Charles notes the government of Malaysia has progressed in its path to OpenOffice and ODF adoption in his post “ and ODF adoption in Malaysia – thumbs up!” […]

  5. byte says:

    Hi Chris, Roy,

    This is great news indeed. Now to hope it just goes further and further… First the governments, then the industries…

  6. Kim says:

    can openoffice read/edit msoffice doc’s and vise versa?


  7. Chris Samuel says: can read most MS Office files, but the other way is hard. That’s not actually an issue as OOo is free and anyone can install and use it.