Student Reviews Contest

Calling all students!

Here’s an easy way to make USD$500 (grand prize), or USD$250 (five runners up). All you have to do is use the MySQL database (5.1) and the GlassFish application server (v2 Update Release 2) to develop a cool web application and write a review of your experience using these products.

The deadline for this is October 22, 2008. Remember to read the contest details, as it lists eligibility criteria, and how we’re judging the entries.

As a judge, here’s my advice:

  • Make me go “wow!”
  • Use some of the new features in MySQL 5.1 – think XML, event scheduler, table logging, etc.
  • Make it ridiculously easy for me to judge the application – good documentation is going to help, but if the application itself is intuitive, it’d rock harder
  • There’s no time limit you need to spend… 5 hours for ace coders, 20 hours for average coders… its up to you. Extra effort, usually means you’ll get a high rank

If you want to get started quickly, there’s a NetBeans IDE 6.1 with GlassFish and MySQL bundle. It only comes with MySQL 5.0, so you’ll still have to get MySQL 5.1, but that should be a piece of cake. NetBeans is after all, a seriously good IDE.

At a university? Got a notice board? Go ahead, and print the flyer. Spread the love.

Good luck!

One Comment

  1. Ruben says:

    “Make it ridiculously easy for me to judge the application”

    very important this