Point of Sale systems, and their back-ends

Old Town White Coffee is a place we’ve been hanging out a lot at. Its got wifi, power sockets, couches, good food and drink, great eye candy (bonus!), and is open till late.

Today, we found out that all their PCs that hold the orders (order{1,2,3,4}) have Samba shares. Open to all, naturally.

They use Crystal Reports. Have a custom front-end, with appropriate touch screen drivers, but the back-end is pretty stock. They use MySQL, Connector/ODBC 3.51.12 and also use SQLyog 5.30. I know the system is designed and deployed by NIT, it looks like their F&B POS.

Their use of MySQL (schema wise), includes using VIEWs, stored procedures and triggers (on UPDATE and DELETE).

I wonder how many point of sales systems are powered by open source software. This one runs Windows, but at least within the stack, there’s open source MySQL!

P/S: if you’re from NIT or Old Town, secure your order systems.


  1. jim winstead says:

    checkout, a very nice point-of-sale system for mac os x, uses postgresql.

  2. Pin says:

    Too bad, the one in Sunway Mas do not have any power socket

  3. Here is an open source point of sale system. This one uses the open source firebird database which originated as a borland product. It is very stable and very fast, this system uses it on every till and has a real time backup to a hosted firebird database on a linux server. Keeps the cost right down yet is very fast and reliable. Open source is definitely the way forward for retail software. :)

  4. anonimus says:

    @David: Is the software open source or just the database? Their website doesn’t say much about open source…

  5. It uses an open source database, and the central servers are on open source platforms linux apache etc. The connect software is written in java bit not available open source… yet.

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  7. jim winstead says:

    checkout, a very nice point-of-sale system for mac os x, uses postgresql.