Passion Club KL/Poppy considered harmful

Passion/Poppy, you failure of epic proportions.

Poppy is downstairs, Passion is upstairs. Today, is Thursday, traditionally lady’s night everywhere, right? Passion is closed, Poppy is virtually empty. This alone should have alarm bells ringing in your head. But my experience there, takes the cake.

Firstly, it took a grand total of 35 minutes to find our bottle of stashed Chivas. In the end, they admitted to not being able to find the bottle (they admitted that someone has stolen it), they gave us someone else’s bottle, scratched out their details and put my name on it. We noticed that there was less alcohol than what the custody card stated, and they gave us a couple of free glasses of drinks to boot.

Service, for an empty night club, SUCKED. Getting the lethargic wait staff to do anything, was mostly a waste of time.

So after all this waiting, guess what? They refused entry for a friend of mine. He so happens to have tried to come in via the main entrance (I just walked in from the side entrance, post valet parking). The excuse? Its ladies night and men have to pay.

I call a waiter over (the same guy that fumbled for 35 minutes to get me a bottle that wasn’t mine) to talk to the staff at the door. There are about four of them. Two beefy guys, and one spectacled fool who kept on insisting that they had procedure to follow. This after the waiter saying a bottle was inside.

I start to speak. I inform them that there is no one in the night club and there is really no reason why anyone should pay. Spectacled fool, insists its procedure and there’s a cover charge. I honestly feel like going in, taking my bottle out, and smashing it on his face.

But, some sense comes over them… Because one of the beefy guys decides that we mean business. My friend, and the three girls that accompanied him, come in with no hassle now. I say, rather loudly, “You did the right thing, or else…” The bespectacled guy isn’t impressed.

We finish the bottle as soon as we can, and this marks my vow to never go there again if I can avoid it. In fact, you should never go there again, if you can avoid it too. They are apparently only popular on Friday and Saturday nights, anyway. I recommend them to close, if possible.

If you need to go somewhere, in that area, might I highly recommend Thai Club (two floors of entertainment – upstairs is heavily air-conditioned, and serves a younger crowd), or even Rum Jungle. I know, I know, I considered Rum Jungle harmful before, but that was before they were opposite Poppy. They’ve now moved to the side, and are so much more sensible. Rum Jungle and Thai Club also have got good bands… Passion/Poppy? Just a DJ. Want eye candy? Definitely skip Passion/Poppy. Besides, only Passion/Poppy have a “dress code” even – Rum Jungle have learned from their ways, and I can walk in in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals (okay, Crocs nowadays).

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  1. Andy says:

    Happened to me in Melbourne as well.

    The first time I went to Partybox (Melbourne Central), they have absolute fantastic service (newly opened), but the third time I went there (left a bottle there second time), took them about 45minutes to bring us a wrong bottle, custody card stated 75% left, the bottle they brought us was like 10% left only. Made a fuss, the manager brought us a new unopened bottle, wooha.