Life with Rona — Day 38

Considering I slept at 5am, being up before noon was quite the achievement. French toast for breakfast, fried chicken with chee cheong fun for lunch, and salad wraps for dinner. Exercise with Konea (FlyProject) was good too. Work was aplenty. But nothing new there.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5,691 (+88) total, 3,663 (+121) discharged, 96 (+1) dead. If Malaysia is in the recovery phase, why is the MCO still extended? R0 is below 1, and a few weeks back they said they were aiming of R0=0.9, but not stated what it is now.

I’ve been engaging a lot more on Twitter, because its short form, and its easier to start sharing links. I am planning a longer blog post for today, for a Rona leading list (it’s been added to regularly for quite a few days). I guess the difference is I’m engaging there… finally replying to tweets, etc. It is a bit more time consuming, but while I wait for things, and am done with chomping on mail, I do manage to hit Twitter.

Went to bed much earlier, watched a little Curb Your Enthusiasm (always a fan, just never managed to follow it closely till now). Hit the episode where Larry David broke up. Leaving is sometimes, so easy, but has a long thought out considered process, chipping away at things… it kinda hit me.

Life with Rona — Day 37

Up to eating roti telur, then lunch was a huge amount of Chinese food, ordered in (butter prawns, lala soup, glass noodles, claypot tofu, and a yam basket), and dinner was some banana pancakes. I did another Aiman Ox boxing workout which I enjoyed tremendously.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5603 total (+71), 3,542 discharged (+90), and death toll is 95 (+2). During the health department press conference, there was talk about how the MCO could not be lifted quickly, but via a soft landing approach. Sure, we know that. But the focus on border controls… a tad annoying.

By 8.20PM (the Prime Minister, late as usual) decided that the MCO would be extended for another 2 weeks. Today I was more active on Twitter long before the announcement because I fear we have no exit strategy and they are just making stuff up as they go along. For one, our tests are dismal, and I’ve also got a bit of an unpopular opinion but we’ve got to be careful of our heroes letting us down. Science is showing random sampling having very low infection rates. We’re seeing next to no useful information coming out of the Health Ministry (contrast with Singapore), and I’m worried about the increasing authoritarian nature of the government. Back to more science and percentages in areas under the EMCO and you wonder what is going on? Comments on Malaysiakini might be the best way to gauge what the people are thinking. And we never had a problem with flattening the curve, if you look at stats again.

Anyway, it is 5am. I just finished work for the day. It is amazing how much the world needs Internet infrastructure now. Catch you later.

Life with Rona — Day 36

Another delayed despatch, up a little later yesterday, and had a roti telur, and later a cauliflower fried rice. I’m about 70% certain they will extend the MCO now… Ping workouts are good workout days.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5532 (+50), recoveries 3,452 (+103), death toll at 93 (+1). They are out with yet another app, which signals you need approvals to move inter-state, which suggests the MCO will be extended. Apply online to return from hometowns, says minister. Maybe worse, we’re looking inwards and international travel is going to be affected: New SOP for foreigners entering Malaysia after MCO, says Immigration Dept.

This whole South Korea Doesn’t Do Mass Testing Either: MOH is genuinely a problem. We’ve only done 3,416 tests per million people, compared to Korea’s 10,862, UK’s 7,624, and the USA’s 11,821. We’re better than Japan, sure, but remember, when tests increase, mortality rates as a percentage also reduces. Singapore is doing 16,203 tests per million people.

Life with Rona — Day 35

A delayed despatch, I was up early because I had a call and this was after sleeping pretty late nonetheless. Salmon pâté with veggies for lunch, and wraps for dinner. Did a workout with Aiman Ox — boxing made fun!

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5,482 total cases (+57), 3,349 recoveries (+54), death toll is at 92 (+3). Health Director General also had plenty of birthday greetings. Funnily he still insists to follow the WHO rules on mask wearing; he should break away from this! There were also 6 conditions to end the MCO, and for me, it does not seem like they have planned anything well (or not communicated it well, considering the end of the MCO is supposed to be near).

Singapore extended the Circuit Breaker (CB) till June 1. They are also locking down harder – no cafes, no bubble tea places, no barbers, etc. But exercise outside is still allowed. They are facing a rise thanks to foreign worker dormitories.

Life with Rona — Day 34

Up early, to do some national service — joined the Digital Penang initiative to think of ways to hack our way through modernisation thanks to the coronavirus. Breakfast was frittatas, lunch was indomee with condiments, and dinner was a burger with ice cream for dessert. Been a busy work day (1.20am, and I’m just signing off).

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation is interesting — they are talking about a “soft-landing” approach to remove the MCO (basically saying social distancing has to continue, duh). But there is also plans for Ramadan early morning deliveries, though there are so few days under the current MCO that fall during Ramadan, which makes me wonder if this is a signal that they will extend it out of plain stupidity? Stats: 5,425 (+36) cases, recoveries 3,295 (+98), no deaths (stable, 89).

We’ve had the Selayang market area end up being under an enhanced MCO, “Northern KL”, where there are lots of Rohingya refugees. Singapore closed McDonalds nationwide; but also found that a bunch of their employees at various stores were positive for Covid-19.

Life with Rona — Day 32 + 33

Up pretty late on Saturday (got the sleep and readiness crown on the Oura), had a roti telur with a soft boiled egg… and then I ordered some pizzas on discount! Did an Ishaq & Ping workout (2 screens). Then watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.

Sunday I was up earlier… (no crowns) Puttu for breakfast and leftover pizza for lunch and dinner, with a barre burn with Theresa.

Malaysia Covid-19 stats: 5,389 (+84) total, 3,197 discharged, 89 dead (+1). Singapore has been growing in numbers, lots in foreign worker dorms.

Catching up a lot on reading. Spending time on contact tracing research as well. Might have something up soon, especially since I’ve also been using the Charles Proxy.